Etusivu Headache



(Patrick Houbaux - Karim Trabelsi 2005)

I see a blue lady, she’s walking away from here
I hear a blues guitar, it’s out of the tune it hurts me
I’ve got a strong urge to play but I just can’t
My hand are tied up and my fingers are rigid
Yes I can see printed red lips and a rainbow
And I see a triangle in the black, so beautiful
The walls are white, the door is slightly open
I’m listening to a melody which comes from dowstairs

I can see a blue eye and a burning tear
It falls on the desk and sets fire to the papers
Heaven’s flying with birds to the sun so shiny
Hell’s left down below, my feet are burning

A CD’s playing but no sound comes out
The speakers are underwater, the thermometer exploded
A band with instruments out of the tune is jamming in my head
Hight flashing, earthquakes, I’m trembling in my bed.



Bass: Tero Arteli
Electric Guitar anc Vocals: Patrick Houbaux
Electric Guitar: Jarmo Pitkänen
Hammond: Joni Bäcklund
Drums: Eero Laigren


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