Etusivu Iron Rose

Iron Rose

Iron rose

(Tero Arteli 09.01.2005)

She was hard as steel and best lookin' chick I ever seen,

She rode her ironhead in style and don't give a dam.

Some guys just try to reach her,

but they did'nt have a chance,

there is only one bad biker

for this chick thats called

Ironrose – Ironrose – Ironrose -Ironrose.

Every now and then she meet that big bad biker,

and they love and hate each others all the time

Some day they must be together,

and some day just separate ways,

but there only one bad biker

thats good enough this chick called

Ironrose – Ironrose – Ironrose -Ironrose.


Then both of then get killed in trafic accident,

and they burried in the same grave together.

Finally they got each others,

resting side by side together,

tombstone this belong to this chick that called

Ironrose – Ironrose – Ironrose -Ironrose.

Bass, Vocals: Tero Arteli
Electric Guitar: Patrick Houbaux
Electric Guitar: Jarmo Pitkänen
Hammond: Joni Bäcklund
Drums: Eero Laigren



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