Etusivu Le Klown

Le Klown

Le Klown
(Patrick Houbaux & Karim Trabelsi)

Inspired by homesickness
I wrote a letter to the sad old clown
To tell him about my distress
And what it was like to be down

Well it may not be his business
I just had to umburden my heart
I've had enough of this existence
And all of my dreams seem to full apart

Sad old clown
You speak like a prophet
When I'm down
You make all the words fit

And he wrote to me a long letter
Tellin' me to never surrender
Not 'cause we have to take it as it is
But for the sake of the trees

To stay and watch the human race
Or its way, towards its disgrace
Shooting like a comet lost in space
At a much too frightening pace

Sad old clown
You know how to confort me
When I drown
And the streets are empty

He said suicide was irreversible
And death was inevitable
So why turnin' away so soon
When there might be something for you on the moon

He said deafness was a good remedy
For the speeches of hypocrisy
And blindness was the anti-dote
For the images of the sinkin' boat

Sad old clown
Never let me down
Sad old clown
You deserve a crown

Vocals, Electric Guitar: Patrick Houbaux
Electric Guitar: Jarmo Pitkänen
Bass, Backing vocals: Tero Arteli
Hammond: Joni Bäcklund
Drums: Eero Laigren

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