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Joni fullfilled his long time dream and bought Hammond A101 (year 1961) and Leslie 122 speakercabinet. That was late 2002. When they arrived few people came by and listened that unbelivable sound of organs. Those guys ( Joni, Tero,  Jamppa & Eppu ) meet again in january 2003 and founded band that is now know as The Mieli Sairaala.

Making our own songs and albums was not the original idea but just relaxing and playing for fun was the motto.

The Mieli Sairaala (The Favorite Hospital) has grown to a real band with its own music. Everyone in the band loves Blues and that can be heard from our songs. The Mieli Sairaala sound is a flashback from the 60's and 70's rock with real tonewheel Hammond organ and vintage tube amplifier guitar sounds.

The Mieli Sairaala love's to play live though the band does not want to do too many gigs during the year.
Most of the gigs are made for having fun with friends and fans, not for money !

The band has five members:

Tero Arteli - Bass & Vocals & Harmonica
Janne Jokelainen - Guitars
Jarmo "Jamppa" Pitkänen - Guitars & Harmonica
Joni Bäcklund - Hammond & keyboards
Eero "Eppu" Laigren - Drums & Percussions

There has been three female singer candidates ( Sanna 1, Sanna 2 and Amalia ) in the band between years 2003 and 2005. The band since decided to continue without female singers, and all vocals are done by Tero and Patrick on the first two albums. Patrick Houbaux ( Guitars, Vocals and Songwriting ) joined the band in early 2004 and left the band in October 2005. Today Patrick lives with his family near Paris in France. Juha Laine ( Guitars ) joined the band in October 2005. Janne Jokelainen replaced Juha Laine in 2014.

The fourth album called "Vol.4" was released in May 2014 and is downloadable from our web-pages.

The third album called "ROKC" was released in July 2008 and is available for sales.

The second albun called "Medication OK" was relased in August 2005 and is available for sales.

The first album, "Highway 25" is sold out !

If you want to order "Medication OK!" or "ROKC" album, send email to  tms (at) ! Price of one album is 10€ plus postal fees.

For more information contact the band at tms (at)




Recorded: Pulu Studio / Jokirinne Studio February-May 2014 Panu Pentikäinen (Pulu) / Joni Bäcklund (Jokirinne)

Mixed and mastered: Pulu Studio Panu Pentikäinen May 2014


May 2014 (released 24.5.2014)

1. Taillights (Tero Arteli)
2. Why Kamikazes Use A Helmet (Jarmo Pitkänen, Tero Arteli)
3. Swans In Fly (Tero Arteli)
4. In The City (Tero Arteli)
5. Noose In My Neck (Tero Arteli)
6. Two Old Bikers (Jarmo Pitkänen, Tero Arteli)
7. This Road Ain't Highway (2014 Revised) (Tero Arteli)
8. Never Gonna Leave Rock'n'Roll (Tero Arteli)

Joni Bäcklund - Hammond organ, keyboards
Jarmo Pitkänen - Guitar
Janne Jokelainen -Guitar
Eppu Laigren -Drums
Tero Arteli - Vocals, bass


Recorded and Mixed at:
Jokirinne Digital Studio
Nurmijärvi, Finland.

August 2006 - May 2008.

Mastered by: Joni Bäcklund, Jokirinne Digital Studio , May 2008.

July 2008

1. Let The Drummer Out Of Jail (Tero Arteli)
2. Three Days On The Road To Sturgis (Tero Arteli)
3. Broken String Blues (Tero Arteli)
4. Even Winds Chill Down (Tero Arteli)
5. Heavy Chevy (Tero Arteli)
6. Barfly Blues (Tero Arteli, Jouni Hellman)
7. All My Life Was Music (Tero Arteli)
8. I'm Drunk (Jarmo Pitkänen, Tero Arteli)
9. Stolen Moments (Jarmo Pitkänen, Tero Arteli)
10. John's Engine Shop (Tero Arteli)
11. It's Stinks Inside My Left Eyeball (Tero Arteli)
12. Between The Moon And The Sun (Tero Arteli)
13. Man In Garage (Jarmo Pitkänen, Tero Arteli)

Tero Arteli - Bass&Vocals
Juha Laine - Guitars
Jarmo Pitkänen - Guitars&Harmonica
Joni Bäcklund - Hammond&Keyboards
Eero Laigren - Drums&Percussions

Special guest stars in song 13 Man In Garage : Kimmo "Kimmond" Kujansuu - Violins and Ilkka Saari - Tuba.

Recorded and Mixed at
Jokirinne Digital Studio
Nurmijärvi, Finland.
March-July 2005.

Mastered by Jorma “Hämis” Hämäläinen

Medication OK!
August 2005
1. Wednesday Is For Rock'n'Roll(Tero Arteli)
2. Burn Out (Tero Arteli)
3. Don't You Come Back Tonight (Patrick Houbaux)
4. Sea Of Lies (Tero Arteli)
5. Iron Rose (Tero Arteli)
6. Money Has Gone (Jarmo Pitkänen, Tero Arteli)
7. Blue Moment Before Sunset (Tero Arteli)
8. Last Blues (Tero Arteli)
9. Some Information (Patrick Houbaux)
10. Far From Home (Patrick Houbaux)
11. Capitan Joni (Tero Arteli)
12. Headache (Patrick Houbaux, Karim Trabelsi)
13. If I Can Walk On The Moon (Joni Bäcklund, Patrick Houbaux, Tero Arteli)
14. The Man Who Tattooed Django Reinhardt Name In His Arm (Antti "Gona" Lehtinen, Tero Arteli)
15. Skydiver Man (Tero Arteli)

Tero Arteli - Bass&Vocals
Patrick Houbaux - Guitars&Vocals
Jarmo Pitkänen - Guitars&Harmonica
Joni Bäcklund - Hammond
Eero Laigren - Drums


Recorded and Mixed at
Frank Digital Mobile Unit
Peräkorpi, Rajamäki, Finland. April-May 2004.

Mastered by Jorma “Hämis” Hämäläinen

Highway 25
July 2004.
1. Le Klown (Patrick Houbaux & Karim Trabelsi)
2. In the Night (Tero Arteli)
3. Highway 25 (Tero Arteli)
4. This Road Ain't Highway (Tero Arteli)
5. Arkangel's Dark Angel (Tero Arteli)
6. Sixpack Limit (Tero Arteli)
7. I Wanna Die In Summertime (Tero Arteli)
8. Burning Sauna Blues (Patrick Houbaux & Jiri Hietanen)
9. Till The End of Time, My Love (Tero Arteli & Jarmo Pitkänen)
10. Where Souls Stood and Stared (Patrick Houbaux)

Tero Arteli - Bass&Vocals
Patrick Houbaux - Guitars&Vocals
Jarmo Pitkänen - Guitars&Harmonica
Joni Bäcklund - Hammond
Eero Laigren - Drums


Editors note !

"Highway 25" album is sold out. If you want to order "Medication OK!" or "ROKC" album, just send email to tms (at) !. Price of the album is 10€ plus postal fees.




Noose In My Neck video,  5:19, May 2015.  Directed Leo Suvensalmi.

Direct YouTube link: Noose In My Neck

Arkangel's Dark Angel video, 03:00, October 2004


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100 % live recordings for download

100% Live at Peräkorpirock 2009 (8.8.2009)


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